Prince George warned his classmates

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No doubt, At his young age, Prince George knows who he is and what his life will be like when he grows up. This is why he chose to make this clear to his classmates.

And it is that, according to an expert in British royalty, William and Kate, the sons of the Princes of Wales, told a classmate that their father would be king and that it was better to “be careful”.

In the book The New Royal, author Katie Nicholl states that George and his siblings, Princess Charlotteseven years of age, and Prince Louis, of four, They have been brought up with an understanding of monarchy and a sense of duty.

He said that despite having told George that he would one day become monarch, the Prince and Princess of Wales are trying not to prematurely burden them with too many responsibilities.

“They’re raising their kids, especially Prince George, with an awareness of who he is and what role he’ll get, but they don’t want to burden him with a sense of duty,” Nicole wrote. George knows that one day he will be sovereign, so as a child he will fight with his friends at school, telling them: “My dad will be king, so you better be careful.”

In publication, the author also assured that Kate Middleton admires the parenting techniques of Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex.

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