Prince Harry and Prince William: Will they be able to reconcile one day according to astrology?

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Due to the reorganization of the entire family following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British royal family has recently been given a lot to talk about. is always one of the attention-grabbers Prince Harry You Prince WilliamWhich are about two years apart.

Both brothers have gone through ups and downs throughout their lives, A relationship that was once very close, but is broken today Because of Prince Harry’s decision to leave the royal family. because of that, it is We wanted to understand their compatibility with astrology.

According to his date of birth, Prince William’s main zodiac signs are Cancer and Sagittarius, while Harry has the Earth trilogy: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. What will this say about their relationship? Will they be able to resolve their differences?

Prince Harry and Prince William: Will they be able to reconcile one day according to astrology?

Harry was born with the Sun in VirgoWhich makes him a very methodical person, who cares about routine and details, who is looking for physical and mental care, and who cares about serving others.

The Prince of Wales, for his part, was born with a great influence of Cancer in his astral chart (Sun and Moon).So he is a person who is depicted as cold and distant, but generally has a much wider and deeper emotional world.

Then as far as can be seen, The two brothers usually do not show their feelings much, although in the case of William it can be said that he is deeply hurt by the situations in his family, while Harry is more practical and expresses himself through details. .

That Harry is a person who has three main positions (Sun, Moon and Ascendant) may indicate a very fixed position in relation to life, in which he does not try to change his decisions or recognize where he may not be rightBecause he cares more about the stability of his family with Markle than anything else.

With regard to their problems and possible reconciliation, Things can go two ways: Both are people who love a lot but don’t express that muchSo if they openly say what’s bothering them, they can find a good path to a better sibling relationship.

but on the other hand, Harry may find that his brother is too manipulative when it comes to feelings and views of the family, while William may find it difficult to deal with the coldness expressed by his younger brother.

summary, According to their zodiac signs, they are two people who need to calm their emotions, give themselves space and forge new paths, and maybe they can meet again in the future.

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