Prince Harry describes William’s shouting moment as ‘scary’

LONDON, 15 December (EFE). England’s Prince Henry has described the moment as “scary” when his brother, Prince William, shouted at him during a meeting to decide his future at the British Royal House, according to the Netflix documentary The Stage, which chronicles his time in the monarchy. Reveals the extent of the problems.

Princes William and Harry last September (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

Netflix posted the second part of the documentary “Henry and Meghan” this Thursday, detailing the difficulties the Duke of Sussex faced with King Charles III and the Prince of Wales, William, as they negotiated their departure. House Real -in January 2020- and also from negative headlines and articles towards Meghan Markle, which according to Enrique, her family did nothing to deny.

The Duke of Sussex details a high-profile meeting with his family about his plans to move abroad on January 13, 2020 in Sandringham, East England.

Enrique says that he had made several offers to him and that he chose to do his job. financially independent and, at the same time, fulfill public commitments to support his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

silent queen

But “quickly”, Enrique explains, it became clear that this option was not feasible, and “It was horrible to have my brother yell at me and yell at me and my father say things that weren’t true. And my grandmother, you know, sitting quietly taking it all in.”

“But you have to understand that, from the perspective of the family, there are specifically her (Queen’s) ways of doing things and her ultimate mission, her purpose, responsibility is the institution,” the prince explained of the meeting.

This second part begins with images from the wedding of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947, and follows the popularity of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor, on the outskirts of London, as it took place in May 2018 was. as well as the success of her official engagements and the positive way in which Meghan was received by the populace.

However, relations between the Duke and the British Royal Family changed following the success of his official tour of Australia and the South Pacific in late 2018.

harry y meghan

harry y meghan

Prince Harry believes there were fears in the family that they could do a “better job” than those above.

Among other things, the Duchess of Sussex spoke about her difficulties dealing with the restrictions of the Royal House, which monitored what she did, and admitted that she felt the urge to take her own life.

According to the documentary, royal officials spread negative news about the Duke to distract from less positive coverage about other members of the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s lawyer, Jenny Afia, confirms in part one of the programme, that she had evidence of information coming out of the palace against the Duke of Sussex.

lied to save my brother

Enrique also says that the palace prevented him from seeing his grandmother on a visit to the United Kingdom when she was already living abroad, and that the Royal House “lied” to protect his brother. was willing to speak, in reference to the incident at Sandringham in which William shouted at him.

The Royal House had prepared an official statement, which he had to sign, says Enrique, denying that Guillermo had harassed his brother.

Enrique complains, “They were happy to lie to protect my brother and for three years they were unwilling to tell the truth to save us.”

Buckingham Palace has not ruled out this documentary, which has been posted ahead of the publication of an autobiography by Prince Henry next January.

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