Prince Harry’s biographical book ‘Spare’ shook the royal family

After Penguin Random House confirmed the book’s name and publication date, Fitzwilliams told MailOnline that the title is unreliable and that Prince Harry is a replacement heir: “It’s a sensational title and it implies that the author is understated. Was or, of course, that he did not feel unified. When propaganda speaks of ‘vulgar and unwavering honesty’, the Palace will be very concerned, especially since these are the first months of Carlos’ reign.

Harry had to wait a few years for his memoirs to be published, to say the author: “There will undoubtedly be interviews, serial publications and endless speculation about these memoirs, which in my opinion should have waited many years. Even Edward VIII, at that time the Duke of Windsor waited until 1951 before A King’s Tale was published. The consequences would be far-reaching and potentially highly disastrous.”

Prince Harry

In addition, it was reported that the royal family did not have the opportunity to review the manuscript.

The publication date, title and cover – which features the 38-year-old bearded Harry staring directly at the camera – were announced Thursday morning, with proceeds going to charity.

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