Prince William and Kate Middleton: Reveal the strict rules imposed on their children at home

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Is eclipsed with the death of Queen Elizabeth II New responsibilities now as Princes of WalesSo the time they spend with their kids is limited but they try to be with them whenever their busy schedule allows.

It is known that the nannies Princess George, Louis and Princess Charlotte, have become an important part in their upbringing and education. by the hand of The Princes of Wales set boundaries and strict rules That should be found on the shore at home.

One of these is children of 9, 7 and 4 years old. It is forbidden to shout inside the house, as well as shout at each other or a family member.

The family of the Princes of Wales is one of royalty’s most beloved
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In case of breach of this rule by a minor, Kate and William chat with him on the couch. And talk about what happened instead of punishing them.

,The furious child is removed from the scene of the fight or interruption and is talked calmly by either Kate or William., Things are explained and results are outlined and they are never shouted at,” said a source. Mirror.

As children grow, their temperaments change and they gradually learn to treat an adult with the seriousness of important events, such as at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, where Prince George and Princess Charlotte taught good behavior They have learned by following the actual protocol.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte Taught Good Manners at Elizabeth II’s Funeral
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The youngest of the three, Prince Louis, due to his young age, still cannot understand all the rules he must respect at a public event, as happened at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, where he Gave a lot to behavior and behavior. to talk about.

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