Prince William wants to be a polyglot: these are the languages ​​he speaks and what he’s studying

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Although language learning is not a rule in the British royal family, it is something they start doing from an early age as a large part of their work involves traveling to other countries and meeting world leaders, so It is essential that they begin with the study of a second language at a very early age and continue into adulthood, such as Prince William,

During his first visit to Wales with his new title, Heir to the throne of England reveals he is studying Welsh, eldest son of king charles And this Princess Diana He said he was already familiar with the Welsh word for “tea” or “pan”. In addition to English, her mother tongue, she is also fluent in French, Spanish, and Swahili, one of Africa’s own languages.

In conversation with the Reverend Steven Bunting at Swansea, Prince William talked about his efforts to resume his study of the language. “We already know (William and Kate) love Wales, but they have been wonderful to be here and I think it is a sign of their commitment to Wales,” he said.

“He has blown us away talking to everyone young and old, it shows how committed he is to his role as Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince and Princess of Wales They reached Anglesey on Tuesday and met volunteers and the team at the RNLI headquarters in Holyhead. The couple lived on the island for the first few years of their marriage, with Prince George even spending time there as a child.

on this tour, Kate Middleton She caught everyone’s eyes because of her great charisma with people, but especially with children, even a small child gave her a bouquet of flowers and was pleased with her great detail with it.

In 2019, Prince William surprised by speaking Swahili on a tour of Tanzania. The then Duke of Cambridge surprised everyone by speaking a few minutes fluently in his own language with a young man from that country.

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