Princess Leonor, Spain’s next queen, can’t choose her food

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Fairy tales portray an almost ideal world based around royalty, So no one would ever imagine that princesses would have to follow certain protocols set by their titles, as well as strict habits to maintain their health.

Princess Leonor is first in the line of succession to the Spanish throne as the eldest daughter of King Felipe VI and his wife, Queen Letizia. He was appointed in June 2014 after the abdication of his grandfather, Juan Carlos I.

Last October, Princess Leonor turned 17 and at any moment she could become Queen of Spain, However, she is not allowed to do things that a teenager her age usually does, such as eating.

And that is, his mother, Queen Letizia has given strict orders not to give sugar, fried foods and alcohol, Because it is intended that the young woman develop healthy habits to include ecological and organic products in her diet.

According to a note published by, the princess’s lunch included lamb moussaka with feta cheese and nutmeg, a traditional Middle Eastern dish, as well as grilled zucchini with Greek salad, lemon and couscous integral as a second option. , Choosing some fruit for dessert.

It’s not the first time Princess Leonor has had to adjust the taste of her food to suit her mother’s rules. She and her younger sister, Infanta Sofía, when they were at the Santa María de los Rosales school, were asked by Queen Letizia to make some adjustments to the menu to make it healthier.

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