Princess Leonor: This is the alleged aesthetic retouching she went through

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Since Princess Eleanor Beginning his international studies in Wales, United Kingdom, there are few occasions in which he can be seen in Spain and, to the satisfaction of his parents, who care highly about the privacy of his family, have no knowledge of him. There is no news of any kind.

so every event princess of asturias He looks at himself with a magnifying glass, and a year ago he attracted attention because of the apparent change he wore during a speech given at the 2021 Princess of Asturias awards ceremony, a beauty touch-up, the use of which The reason the face mask went unnoticed was due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On that occasion, Leonor called on young people to “have a sense of responsibility that comes from never forgetting the people around us who love us and those we love.”

In addition, the future queen was shocked by her appearance. Not only was she big, determined and very beautiful, but some noticed that her teeth had changed. According to the slogan E! Online, the princess no longer has her fangs featuring her and today she sports perfect teeth.

Clearly, The young heiress must have put on braces to fix her smile, Despite the fact that he has never been seen with braces. Another theory indicates that no one probably noticed this because they would have placed them on the inside of the tooth, a much more aesthetic and modern option.

Although the change is noticeable, Leonor was never seen wearing braces, what is considered That the procedure that would have been done would have been through an invisible orthodontic system.

It should be noted that Princess Leonor is currently in full swing to become the Queen of Spain. Upon reaching adolescence, the young woman assumed greater responsibility as well as other protocol rules that influenced her style of dress.

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