Princess Leonor would be jealous of Infanta Sophia for a trait she inherited from Queen Letizia

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queen letizia She is a lover of exercise and a healthy diet, she has also resorted to beauty touch-ups to always look great in both her physique and style. However, there is one characteristic in particular that cannot be modified with surgery: height. This is the one he likes the least and has inherited it from his eldest daughter, Princess Eleanor.

in public acts in which he participates together King Philip IV She chooses clothes that include long skirts or pants and this is no coincidence, as she tries to look taller. And it is that although she measures 1.70 meters, her husband measures 1.97, which makes her look very small.

According to El Nacional de Catalunya, altitude is also not a strong point. LeonorWhich has forced her sister, Infanta Sofia, to wear flat shoes or heels much shorter than her sister’s so that when they are together, they look the same height.

Infanta Sophia inherited her father’s height, because although she is shorter, she is slightly taller than Leonor, which sometimes causes her jealousy, as the Infanta reminds her of it every time.

Leonor uses wedges in her sneakers

The Princess of Asturias wears wedges in her shoes to make her look taller. This fashion trick can make you look a little taller than your sister when in reality you are not in a photo taken at someone’s public display. Leonor After completing the first year of high school at Atlantic College in Wales, this resource may be appreciated.

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