Prohibited chapter of “La Rosa de Guadalupe” by order of the former President of Mexico

Censored episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe

La Rosa de Guadalupe is one of the public’s favorite entertainment shows, the program was the successor to “Real Life Women’s Affairs”, hosted by Sylvia Pinal, and was also characterized by being based on real-life stories, although , it has been one of the controversial programs on television, as some viewers are against its content as they accuse it of generating views in the teenage audience.

Like all television programs, La Rosa de Guadalupe keeps secrets and secrets, and this time we will tell you about an episode of it that was censored by order of the former President of the Mexican Republic, it is chapter number 437 called “Goodbye” called “innocence”. , which will premiere on 10 August 2012 during the government of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

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The chapter was based on actual events that occurred on July 12 of the same year, related to an armed group that surprised a group of youth in a spiritual retreat in a park known as “El Colibri” in the state of Mexico. . , for several hours young people were beaten up and their belongings and 7 women were sexually abused so the makers thought it was a good idea to capture this unfortunate incident but it was not so for the government. And decided to censor it and remove it from the show.

Why did he censor the episode “Goodbye Innocence”?

The first complaint the producers received was from the parents of the minors, who were involved in real life, on the other hand it was not even to their liking for the government of Felipe Calderón, as we remember that he had a six-year term in the history of Mexico. And they didn’t want to dirty their cabinet any more, so now it’s impossible to watch this episode anywhere.

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