PSY Gives BTS Suga A Big Praise After Winning At The Fact Music Awards 2022

The 2022 Fact Music Awards was held on October 8, 2022, and various celebrities from the world of K-pop and the world of acting attended the mega event. Speaking of the award show, it started 5 years ago and has received a huge response over time. From fan-voted awards to critical categories, the awards show is the place to be for celebrity gatherings and recognition of achievement.

PSY’s achievement

K-pop artist PSY was nominated for the Hot Stage Award for his stage presence and the excellent performances he put on for the audience. The singer has a huge fan following around the world, and it proved itself again after the release of ‘That That’ feat. BTS’s Suga became a huge hit upon its release.

PSY won the Stage of the Year award at the 2022 Fact Music Awards for his song That That. During his speech, the K-pop idol expressed her nervousness about making his comeback after a long time. He also expressed his gratitude towards Suga in the speech and said, “Thanks to the one who composed, wrote, appeared in the song and music video for That That, the one who said, “Hyung, you should continue for 10 more years.” and he suggested a great collaboration to me, thanks to Min Yoongi.”

social media prank

PSY also thanked BTS’s Suga on social media, which immediately caught the attention of fans. The two could be seen holding the trophy they won for ‘That That’ as the song played in the background. The video begins with a lyric from Min Yoongi’s rap verse, and this is what we hear: “Hey, have you forgotten what kind of work I do?” as the camera zooms in on the duo with beaming smiles.

Take a look at the post below.

that that

It was a few months ago that PSY and BTS’ Suga collaborated on the song ‘That That’, and it won over the hearts of music lovers in no time! Now, the last thing we know is that the collaborative track has reached a whole new milestone. For the inexperienced, the track was produced and also featured Suga aka August D from Bangtan Boys. Furthermore, ‘That That’ is also the lead single from PSY’s 9th album PSY. Now, the music video has achieved another record, much to the excitement of fans.

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