Puma Rodriguez’s unrecognized son takes sides in fight between singer and his daughters

If there is anything that characterizes the family of the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez It is that, apparently, Harmony would not be part of the family group for at least several years. And it is that scandals between the daughters and with the alleged unrecognized son of the singer always left new materials and clothes to cut. And this is something that is always present in the programs and portals of shows in Latin America.

This time the news is related to Juan Jose Rodriguez, better known as “The Puma Jr.”who is also a musician and who became famous for publicly announcing that he was his unborn son “Cougar” Rodriguez, However, the author of “Diocito Santo” has clarified on more than one occasion that the young man is not his son, but his brother Osvaldo. And it is the latter who accepted him as a son and gave him the name of the family. Besides, doubt will always float in the air.

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