Putting a Mobile in Rice and Other Myths You Shouldn’t Do If Your Device Gets Wet

who has never heard that If you put a mobile in rice, it falls into the water, it is fine, nothing less desired than a meeting between us and the water Device Electronics.

Aware of this fact, recommend attending from PcComponentes 4 keys for maximum protection of our equipment with respect to wateras well as advice on how to act in the event that any of our gadget with me.

How to protect your device from water damage

any physical protective elementLike cases or screen protectors, act as an additional layer against water.

It is recommended to have a waterproof case or closed bag that completely covers the device or make it waterproofAs well as rubber bands that protect the device’s main socket, such as the charging connector or headphone jack, from water, dirt or dust.

How does water affect electronic devices and what are the main damages it can cause?

The main water damage on our equipment is concerned with their high reactivity with metal materials that make themwhich usually results in their erosion.

As a result, damage to certain components of an electronic device increases the risk of Shorts or the breakdown of parts thereof.

Plus, it’s even worse if the water that wets it is saltwater or chlorinated pool water, as they contain high concentrations of salt and chlorine, respectively. Agents that can increase this corrosion,

What to do if my mobile or other electronic device gets wet

The first thing to do is to turn off the device or disconnect it from power. And avoid charging it under any circumstances. If possible the battery should be removed and Place the device in a silica bag container for 24-48 hourswho are often involved in packaging Shoes, clothing or certain foods.

It is also advisable to seek the help of specialized professionals, so It is advisable to take the device to a repair service To perform cleaning and to check corrosion of its internal components.

Sometimes the device can Faces unwanted contact with water without the user being aware of it, For these cases, pay special attention to the unexpected drop in the operation of gadgetSuch as loss of coverage, sudden shutdown, interruption, incorrect charge level, drop in charge percentage or excessive heating, which can give us clues about the damage of a component due to water effect.

Are traditional measures such as ‘drying’ the rice inside an electronic device effective?

They usually use a container with rice very little., While it is true that rice is able to absorb moisture, it can leave new residues that can further damage the interior of the device, such as starch.

Another common mistake is using a hair dryer as a solution.Because by propelling wind, it can cause water to enter areas that are difficult to reach and wet others that were not initially wet.

eventually, One of the most dangerous mistakes is trying to charge a device as if nothing happened, The charging connector usually has a protection that prevents possible leakage of liquids towards the most sensitive parts inside, but this may not be the case with the contacts of the charging cable, which can become wet when connected and dangerous to the transmitter. Can be made. Electricity through water.

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