Qatar 2022: It’s the most technological World Cup in history

Qatar 2022 Football World Cup promises to be the most technical one we have seen till date. Keeping in mind that the country is one of the most technologically advanced with the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector, which in 2021 reached 4,400 million dollars (about 4,290 million euros)It was to be expected that they would offer the latest addition to the much-awaited sporting event by fans.

The event is expected to attract around 1.5 million tourists to a country with 3 million inhabitants, so security is one of the priorities and the technology more than makes up for it there. World Cup organizers have created a control center to monitor the tournament’s eight stadiums simultaneously Thanks to the 15,000 cameras that already have artificial intelligence installed.

The stadiums are located within a radius of about 70 kilometers in Doha city to facilitate the activity of their designated center Aspire Command and Control Center, Applied systems will be integrated on the same platform which will receive information in real time and displayed on giant screens.

The data that will come to the center will be analyzed by more than 80 employees who will work “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, according to Hamad Ahmed Al-Mohandi, the center’s director. Warnings related to temperature, pressure or location are delivered to the finished building, especially when their values ​​do not fall within the “proper operation” configuration.

amateur document

Al Janoub Stadium’s head of operations, William Morales, insisted that the cameras would have good resolution, allowing them to clearly identify fans’ faces. The professional remarked that those who are going to participate in the stadium must have the bluetooth of their mobile phones turned on hayya cardWhich is the required document to move around the country and access the matches.

Thanks to this technology, they expect control potential congestion To solve them quickly and to know the exact location of the fans and which door they should enter.

balls with sensors

The brand designing the balls for this World Cup will once again be Adidas and on this occasion it has added in An IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor. With it, the exact moment in which a player kicks the ball can be accurately measured.

There will be a sensor inside the World Cup ball.
There will be a sensor inside the World Cup ball.

In different places of the stands in the stadiums, they have installed 12 cameras and sensors to monitor the signal of ball sensors, which will send their data at 500 Hz. According to FIFA, the ball technology will not affect the performance of athletes. and have already tried it in the last FIFA Arab Cup and Club World Cup 2021.

The ball will help referees make better decisions more quickly. For example, they will be able to detect whether an offside has occurred or not almost instantly.

The drone will be remotely controlled and the journey will take around 5 minutes.

already traditional VAR

Something that we have become used to seeing in matches and which was not going to subside even in the World Cup. where is the electricity, This technique can sometimes be accused of slowing down the game, however, it serves to make referee decisions more fair.

The system has become very useful for goals related issues, goals related offenses, straight red cards, strikes, penalties or actions that lead to penalties.

Apart from VAR, the Qatar 2022 World Cup will have VOR, a video arbitration room. i.e. a control center that will receive the data in real time through fiber optics of 42 cameras To which FIFA has access to matches.

of 42 cameras Four are ultra slow recordings and eight are super slow recordings, Decisions taken from the VOR room will be communicated to the Chief Referees who are on the field who will be the final decision makers.

fifa player

It is an application that will be accessible to the players of the various teams participating in the World Cup. Through this professional athletes will be able to know about Data related to all playsloss physical performance parameters or known as information ‘Football Intelligence’ Which refers to the pressure exerted by rivals on the player in possession of the ball according to the algorithm.

The FIFA Player app can be used by players to learn more about statistics and prepare for matches.
The FIFA Player app can be used by players to learn more about statistics and prepare for matches.

Softech has signed a deal with Real Madrid, but its technology is applicable to other sporting entities as well.

event coverage

Communications group beIN Sports is the official channel of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. “This is the most important and We have been organizing this for 12 years – says Duncan Walkinshaw, director of programming for the group at EFE-. So it’s at the foundation of everything we’ve done during that time.”

Coverage will be as stated in HD and 4K and with augmented reality technology, The 360-degree information experience promises to be “something that has never been seen before.”

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