Qatar 2022: Mahony Vidende predicts Mexico vs India result Argentina

  • The Mexican team will face Argentina this Saturday, 26 November, a match that the spectators in Mexico are really looking forward to.

  • Mahony Vidente announces Mexico’s performance against Argentina in a video clip and the scenario is not at all favorable for El Tri.

  • Despite the astrologer’s claim, internet users do not hold back the faith and strongly support the Mexican team.

One of the most anticipated matches in Mexico is the brawl between the Mexican team and the Argentine team, as El Tri will risk its stability World Cup in Qatar.

it was because of hello viditeAs expected, internet users were informed how the Mexican team would fare against the Argentina team, an unfavorable scenario for the team. Gerard Martino.

Initially, the astrologer railed against countless users who described the shortcut as “overwhelming”. guillermo ochoa As he performed against Poland, he explained that it is the goalkeeper’s job: “Well, he’s a goalie, I’m a watcher…he’s a goalie, his job is to stop balls, period.”

Furthermore, Mahoney said that the Mexican people are wrong to pin their expectations from Ochoa’s actions: “That’s what Mexicans do wrong, because they make fantasy sculptures.”

After this, the seer said that it is better not to believe that Mexico can go to the next stage, because Argentina will dominate the match this Saturday, November 26: “When they score four goals on Saturday, they’re going to cry.”

After these statements, users did not remain silent and gave their opinion regarding his prediction as some threw light on the astrologer.

He has been wrong with his approach on various occasions: “‘Memo’ has failed as goalkeeper and Mahony as a seer, better to have faith in Mexico than in the future”, “Mahony lies to me”. Is”, “Our job is to support, believe and have faith. Go to Mexico”.

Of course, there were many Internet users who supported Mahoney’s claim: “It’s true, she’s so right,” “Someone had to say, I stopped the penalty, because he’s the goalkeeper”“Somebody realistic.”

Tomorrow the Mexican team will dispute its pass in the desired fifth game against Argentina, Play Play Which will be aired on Open Television at 1:00 pm.

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