Qatar World Cup attendees must download these two apps: Experts warn they are spies

Those participating in the World Cup in Qatar must download the Ehtaraj and Haya applications participate in soccer games Which will be played from next 20 November.

NRK medium indicates that Ehtraaz is one Application COVID-19 Trackingwhereas Haya is the official forum of the World Cup Which is also used to access Qatar Metro for free and track tickets.

Qatar’s Ministry of the Interior developed Ehtaraj and sought access to read, delete or change the content of the mobile; Connect via Bluetooth or WiFi; have priority over other applications; prevents the phone from going to sleep mode; You request location access And calling.

After noticing that the said application requires multiple permissions to function correctly on the device, Haya is also not far behind. Application location and network connection, in addition, its privacy policy states that Data is transferred without a secure connection And you can not ask for the information to be removed.

Oyvind Wasasen (Security Manager at NNR) explains that permissions “give the people controlling the application the ability to read and change things. They also have the opportunity to receive information from other apps if they have the ability to do so.” and we think they take. It’s like give full access to the authorities to your house.”

At the moment, the measure to download Ehtraaz and Haya is not mandatory, but Bruce Shani (cyber security expert) points out that “I know people who have been to Saudi Arabia when that country required an equally obscure application. . Some of them didn’t bother to download the apps, and were never asked about it at the border,

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