Queen Camilla and Lady Di: These are the expensive family crowns they married

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During his time as a member of the royal family, Princess Diana often switched between the Lover’s Knot tiara and the Spencer tiara, the latter belonging to the Spencer family and worn by Lady Di on her wedding day in 1981. Like Diana, Queen Consort Camilla has her own tiara familiar, the Cubit-Shand Tiara, He has used it on several occasions over the years as a member of the royal family.

Princess Diana’s decision to wear the Spencer tiara to marry the then Prince Charles was seen as a tribute to her loving family, as most brides are offered a tiara from the royal collection.

Lady Di and Queen Consort Camilla wearing their family tiara.

The Spencer tiara has been in the late princess’s family for decades, and Lady Di’s older sisters also wore it at the wedding.

The headband was crafted by Garrard and is decorated with various pears, roses and cushion cut diamonds. The design features a heart in the centre, various elaborate scrolls and floral motifs.

Diana continued to wear the Spencer tiara throughout her time as a member of the royal family, and no royal has worn it since her death in 1997.

Queen Camilla and the tiara she wore to her first wedding

King Charles’ second wife, Camilla, opted not to wear a tiara to her wedding in 2005, instead wearing a wide-brimmed hat for civil service and a bouquet of feathers for the religious ceremony.

However, the Queen wife wore her family’s cubit-shand tiara when she married her first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, in 1973.

The Cubitt-Shand tiara is adorned with brilliant diamonds and has a distinctive high section in the center. The tiara passed into the hands of Sonia Keppel, Camilla’s grandmother, daughter of Alice Keppel, mistress of King Edward VII.

After becoming a member of the royal family in 2005, Camilla often wore cubit-sand tiaras to royal engagements with her husband.

The most expensive tiara belongs to Princess Diana’s family

Steven Stone’s Creative Director Maxwell Stone Suggests LA’s Beloved Family TiaraQueen Consort Camilla can cost up to $250,000. But the Spencer tiara is instantly recognizable due to its association with the late fashion icon Diana, and can cost up to $400,000.

“With its incredible detail and high quality diamonds, not to mention its popularity, it is certainly a very valuable heritage.”

The late princess and queen consort both wore royal crowns from the late queen’s collection during their time as royals.

Queen Consort Camilla often wears the Honeycomb headband Greville tiara made by Boucheron for Dame Margaret Greville. The tiara came into the hands of the Queen Mother at the time of Dame Margaret’s death, and has been a favorite of King Charles’ wife for decades.

Diana loved the Pearl and Diamond Lover’s Knot tiara which she often accessorized with her Collingwood pearl earrings. Today, Diana’s daughter-in-law, Kate, Princess of Wales, often uses this pearl for royal engagements.

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