Queen Camilla stunned by radical change in her look

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He died on 8 September. QUEEN ELIZABETH II, so your son Charles becomes the new King of the United Kingdom and his wife Camilla Parker, the queen consort, who surprised with her makeover this weekend.

For some Patrani She looks younger with short hair and streaks of platinum in her blonde hair, covering her face; Plus, it gives her hair volume and movement, while the fringe allows her to elongate her face.


queen camilla With this new look, she said goodbye to her decade-long hairstyle, something that surprised the royalty’s followers, who assured she looked more elegant and prettier.

“Queen Camille” Looks like he has cut his hair. This angled boob is a bit off her typical look and honestly she’s pretty amazing in her period of mourning,” reads @royalhairchatter’s Instagram account.

And although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, apparently the stylist in charge of the Queen’s appearance is Joe Hansford, who has been with her for many years and is the only one who touches her hair. Hansford also completes Elizabeth Hurley and Angelina Jolie.

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