Queen Elizabeth II: It was her personality as a mother

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death Queen Isabel II She was known around the world as a strong woman, very responsible and ready to take over the reins of the entire country at the age of just 25; However, with more than seventy years on the throne, it was imperative to know his personal life, his descendants work for the Crown and we have seen him repeatedly in his representations. How was Queen Elizabeth II as a mother?

Children of Queen Elizabeth II

First, we must remember that the monarch of England married on November 20, 1947 Philip of Greece and Denmarkwho became the Prince Consort and Duke of Edinburgh. On November 14, 1948, almost a year later, their firstborn, Prince Charles, now King of England, was born; was born two years later princess anne And it took ten years for their third child to be born in 1960, Prince Andrew. Finally their fourth child came to complete the family, Prince Edward On 10 March 1964.

How was Queen Elizabeth II as a mother?

Queen Elizabeth II was known from birth as a strong, serious and very honest woman with royal morals and protocol, As a mother she could not be described as affectionate, she was quite distant from her mother, who was dear enough to her mother.

She decided to leave most of her children’s upbringing in the hands of the nanny as it was a very common service at that time and even she still lives together without looking bad. His many duties as head of a nation did not allow him to spend much time with his children.

Prince Charles, her first child, is completely different from her and her husband, The character of the king now is more like that of his grandmother, the queen mother. Shy, insecure and emotional that for a moment in his teens he was a little complicated by his preparation as the future monarch of the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, his sister’s character is like that of his parents, especially as Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. This difference in personality made King Carlos feel very lonely in his development as he sought affection that his parents did not give him. The love he wanted from his mother was what he got from his grandmother.

With their long journeys and many obligations, it was very common for children to be left in the care of the Queen Mother and servants. They weren’t bad parents, just royal parents whose busy schedules didn’t allow them to enjoy their family the way everyone else wanted.

For their third and fourth children, Queen Elizabeth and her husband were older and mature in terms of work, so this phase was more of a relationship as a married couple and with their offspring and even their pets. was pleasant. She was the more present mother with them and It is also said that Prince Andrew, his third son, was his favorite. Well, he used to ride a horse like her, they spent a lot of time together and he was the prototype of the ideal son for her; However, due to scandals with Jeffrey Epstein, the image of the Duke of York is now completely tainted in the eyes of the public and his family.

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