Queen Elizabeth ‘outraged’ by Kate Middleton breaking Marilyn Monroe-style protocol

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There are a number of rules that members of the royal family must follow when it comes to fashion, including skirts and dress hems must be below the knee. However, Kate Middleton has broken this rule several times, especially when her skirt is raised in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

There have been occasions in the past when a gust of wind has lifted the dress or skirt of the Princess of Wales. One of them was in Bhutan in July 2019, when the Prince and Princess of Wales met the King and Queen of Bhutan in Thimphu.

It is said that Kate’s skirt flared up when she was practicing archery, a popular sport in Bhutan. This fashion faux pas drew comparisons to past occasions, such as when Prince William and Kate Middleton visited New Delhi in 2016.During the wreath-laying service, a gust of wind blew away the Princess of Wales’s dress. The Duchess wore a cream Emilia Wickstead dress with a flowing skirt.

in 2011, Kate Middleton wore a yellow Jenny Packham dress that blew away in a gust of wind during her and Prince William’s tour of Canada.

Although the Princess of Wales reportedly followed Queen Elizabeth II’s advice to stop her skirt from going up, the same thing happened again in January 2020, when Kate Middleton attended the Mental Health at Education conference at the Royal Foundation in London Was taking CWhen he got out of his car, his Dolce & Gabbana tweed suit skirt flew off.

This is the advice Queen Elizabeth II gave to Kate Middleton

In July 2019, when Kate and William were in Bhutan and the Duchess’s skirt was blown off several times, a Buckingham Palace source told the Daily Star: “The Queen is fed up that Kate didn’t follow the advice to keep her legs heavy to keep her skirt from going up.”

According to the reports, Queen Elizabeth He pulled her skirt down with a secret weapon: drapery weights. The hem of each handmade dress featured a pair of lead drapery weights.

The trick was devised by Her Majesty’s favorite couturier, Stewart Parvin.

Parveen told the Daily Mail in April 2012: “The beauty of a handmade dress is that it hangs well, but we definitely have a few tricks up our sleeves.”

“I just put some weight in her dress and the hem of the coat and it hangs them beautifully. If there’s a flap on the coat, I’ll sew one on each side to keep it open.”

“And sometimes if she’s wearing a light chiffon skirt, I’ll sew a small, pea-sized lead, or even a chain on it.”

The Queen reportedly told Kate Middleton about the drapery weight and wears them under a skirt of lighter fabric.

It has prevented fashion mistakes in recent years. However, the royal family’s fashion rules are constantly changing over time, and in recent years Kate Middleton has been seen wearing a shorter hemline or opting to go without stockings, as in Meghan Markle.

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