Quick Guide: 25 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know If You Want To Handle PC Like An Expert

What we used to write by hand, now we do it through computers. This transition to digital is especially useful, especially if we want to save time and be more efficient when writing. Even then, Sometimes we are not as efficient or time saver as we could be And that’s because we don’t use all the keyboard shortcuts that exist.

Almost everyone knows the most basic keyboard tricks, like copying, pasting, making text bold or italic, etc. However, shortcuts go ahead and in this 20BITS article we are going to teach you 25 of them.

CTRL + A: Select text.
CTRL+B: Write in bold.
CTRL+C: Copy the selected text.
CTRL+D: Open the Text Format window.
CTRL+E: middle text.
CTRL+F: Open the text word search engine.
CTRL+G: Open word finder in browser.
CTRL+H: Open ‘Find and Replace’ for text.
CTRL + I: italicize
CTRL+J: Open the ‘Watch Downloads’ section of the browser or justify a text.
CTRL+K: Open the search bar in the browser.
CTRL+L: Align the text to the left.
CTRL+M: Apply indentation to selected text.
CTRL+N: Open a new document.
CTRL + O: Open an existing document.
CTRL + P: Print a document.
CTRL+Q: Remove paragraph formatting.
CTRL + R: Reload the page in the browser or remove the paragraph formatting.
CTRL+S: Save the active document.
CTRL+T: Open a new tab in Internet browser.
CTRL+U: Underline the selected text.
CTRL+V: Get text from document.
CTRL+W: Close open tabs in browser.
CTRL+X: Crop the selected text or image.
CTRL+Y: Redo the undo action.
CTRL+Z: erase

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