‘Radar COVID’ definitely dies after two years of failure and you should delete the app now if you don’t want to take the risk

After more than 2 years of operation, the ‘Radar COVID’ application made by the government has stopped working last weekend. The aim was to control the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic, but It identified only 124,555 cases out of 13,441,941 notified (less than 1% of the total).

During the entire time it has been active, there are many people who have pointed to its failure while trying to fulfill its purpose. According to the data collected, only 21% of the Spanish population over the age of 14 had the platform installed on their mobile devices, which is equivalent to Just over 8.6 million people.

Download and usage figures for ‘radar COVID’ were low, especially considering they were invested about 4.2 million euros On the stage. According to Europa Press, the cost of its development is 330,537 euros; With maintenance, support and development, reached 1.7 million; The media reached 2.1 million to give visibility to the collaboration and execution of the plan; And another 28,459 euros were paid for the development of the campaign.

Despite the bad results, Government classifies equipment as “valuable”: “This has automatically contributed to the identification of COVID-19 cases that have been isolated and treated easily.”

In addition, officials have confirmed that the app has complied with the “most guaranteed technical standards with respect to users’ privacy in compliance with all recommendations made by the European Commission in this regard.” However, the Spanish Data Protection Agency issued an approved file To break down to 8 articles of the General Data Protection Regulation.

It can prevent the outbreak of various infectious diseases.

It is recommended to delete the app

“radar COVID terminated its activity 9/10/2022 -They report on the official website of the forum-. from that date. Its functionality is no longer operational.” However, they continue to show a message of actions that were in the application: “If you are in contact with someone who has been found to be positive for COVID-19, you will receive notifications.” will be able to”.

Since the application will not be used or maintained, It is recommended to uninstall the app Because there is a risk that there is a security hole and cyber criminals take advantage of it to steal personal data.

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