Ralph Macchio reminds Hollywood of pearls after ‘Karate Kid’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 6: Ralph Macchio poses during New York Comic Con 2022 on October 6, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for ReadPop)

what do successful series like friends, er You A movie that earned River Phoenix its only Oscar nomination? What are the projects that are closely brushed against Ralph Macchio After the success of the trilogy of karate kid, As he had emerged as an international idol in the late ’80s, magazine covers and his youthful looking face seemed like the perfect asset to Hollywood. He could play in adolescence when he was already old (for example, he played a 16-year-old karate hero with 22 springs), however, between the premieres of Karate Kid III 1989 and the arrival of cobra moss In 2018, we practically lost track of it. Instead of an actor enjoying continued success, he became a nostalgic memory of a generation.

Even then, Forget Hollywood Because he had enough time to focus on another aspect of his life. And I would dare to say that the most important.

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If I may ask: does it sound like you’ve seen Ralph Macchio In action during the 30 years passed between the karateka saga and the series of Netflix, Can you give me a quick answer? I don’t think there are many of us who need a good time to put aside the images of the Karate Kid, the crane and the polishing wax and make room for a different memory. I suspect that a large number of viewers did not register any of his other works, as long as some remember. my cousin vinnie (1992) and others, his time as a secondary character ugly Betty (2008-2009), or perhaps because of his fleeting appearance in episodes of Prativesh, How I Met Your Mother You law & Order. That is to say, nothing that really matches, equals or continues success Karate kid.

Ralph Macchio literally lived on as a living movie memory for decades, while spending long periods without a job. had to come cobra moss To give it a new opportunity, being a series that knew how to find a perfect place by attracting the nostalgia of the world. First of all, arousing so much interest on YouTube that Netflix It didn’t take long to buy it.

I imagine that after three decades of being such a professional jerk and touching the top of Hollywood, that could be a bottomless pitfall for anyone. After all, there are many stories of young actors filling some of the industry’s saddest chapters when they fall into the sack of oblivion. And the case of Ralph Macchio is curious because for many years he was one of the most admired youths by the public, something that made him naturally attractive to agents and castings. According to him his downfall started after comedy my cousin Vinnie, Although it may not have helped him to reject Sidney Lumet’s play, one place nowhere (1989) due to his commitments to the sequel Karate boy. He was replaced by River Phoenix and received an Oscar nomination. Not only this, he had a contract with NBC to do television in the mid-90s. He shot several episodes of a series that never premiered, while the same series was looking for actors for a future series that would be successful in the end: Friend You Is. But no one approached him, as in the mid-90s he was no longer on the media radar, even with a contract.

However, although the world remembered him as a character from the past, an iconic symbol of karate poses and taunts of all kinds, he found a way to be happy. It was a far cry from the world of cinema and fame just 15 years before the love I met.

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 10: (R) Actor Ralph Macchio and his wife Phyllis Fierro attend a screening of The Cinema Society and Men's Health of the Cinema

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 10: (R) Actor Ralph Macchio and wife Phyllis Fierro attend The Cinema Society and Men’s Health Screening of “The Fighter” to benefit film school at the SVA Theater on December 10, 2010 in New York City Huh. (Photo by Charles Eschelman/FilmMagic)

Macchio began his career as a teenager working in commercials, series and funny films when the choice to play Daniel LaRusso came into his life. He attended casting at age 21, but far from the mecca of cinema, partly because he had a serious relationship with a neighbor in his neighborhood in Long Island, New York, and didn’t want to be away from her. the girl was called Phyllis and he met her when they blindfolded over a bowl of candy at a birthday party in her grandmother’s basement. ,She was my cousin’s friend, we smiled, talked and danced a little” Actor recalled to magazine in 2021 People, While his wife reported the same publication, but in 2009: “The first time I saw those big, dark brown eyes, I felt a natural bond.”

Round karate kid And it was a huge success, making him a world idol and rising character. At the age of 26, they married and later welcomed two children, Julia (1992) and Daniel (1996), before filming the sequel and filming the third part.

That way, through a family away from the industry, with a nurse wife and without connections or media interest, he was able to sustain”one foot in and one foot out of business, allowing your personal relationships to be more important than professional ones, ,It just got deeper.” explained to Guardian In a recent interview for the release of his biography, Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me, and speaking of their marriage of 35 years. ,Now we talk silently. is an abbreviation. Marriage is work. A relationship is always work. But is there anyone to go on a trip with? To understand, on a deeper level? It’s all special. ,

He says there’s a level of frustration when you can’t find a job, and that some actors “dark paths because success is a tempting thing.” He stayed out of trouble as he was more interested in his personal life than star life. ,Take risks, be more comfortable with decisions with your lifestyle”, dice,”Maybe creates more opportunities. I understood. But that was not me.”,

“Without him, without the foundation and family we established, ‘one foot in, one foot out’ would have been very difficult for me,” Dijo Macchio A People, ,because there will be no balance,

If we look from the newspaper library, in 1992 he defined it as “His best friend” In an interview with John Tesh, saying that “There is no one else I would think with. I knew from the beginning that she was the woman I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with. It’s ludicrous but true.”

He remembers that for many years there was nowhere to set foot in the industry,”between the 1990s and 2000sBut, in your case, it was a disguised gift, Because by working less and being away from fame, she was able to attend to the development of her two children by staying at home. ,I was present. My kids are in their 20s now and we’re very close.” reflected with the British newspaper, and said that Hollywood put him aside, he was able to live”a rich experience” as father and husband, In addition, during the pandemic he described his wife several times “family heroine Working on the front lines of the health system.

cobra moss And the power of nostalgia has brought him back into the professional spotlight and he no longer needs to tighten his belt like he once did. The series has yet to be renewed, but has enjoyed five successful seasons, one of the most stable of events. Netflix In recent years. And at 60, despite the anonymity and lack of work of an era, something tells me Ralph Macchio doesn’t turn his life around for anything.

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