Rammstein in Mexico: What it costs to eat at Hotel Condesa DF’s restaurant where they’re staying

German Industrial Metals Group rammstein, is offering a range of concerts at CDMX. This band’s show has been well received and surprised fans who gathered at the same time. Hotel Condesa DF In CDMX, on Veracruz 102nd Avenue, in the Roma Norte neighborhood of the Cuautémoc mayor’s office, to gain rapport with where the group is living. While there, the members of Rammstein decided to eat something. Foods,

And to top it all… how much does it cost to eat in a restaurant located in CDMX Condesa Hotelwhere do you live rammstein,

Countess Hotel

Located right in front of Parque Espaa and in an old historic mansion in Mexico City Hotel Condesa DF It merges with the bohemian and classic spirit of its surroundings.

The furniture in this place was designed by Parisian interior designer India MahdvikIncluding stone tiles. As such, Hotel Condesa DF blends contemporary and bohemian design in a French neoclassical-style building from 1928.

The hotel has two restaurants backyard You this roof Which promises a variety of fusion foods between Mexican and French cuisine for hotel guests.



This place, under the command of Chef Antonio Balderas, specializes in offering K Bar Brunch Thief seasonal material And with marked French technique.

On its menu you can find classic breads, from eggs to flavors with a touch of butter and traditional French cuisine. karousents until financiersamong other things.

To create an ode to Mexican cuisine, you can’t miss the typical chilaquilas with sauce, quesadillas or enfrijoladas with a good cup of coffee.

you can even get one buffet Red fruit cold and various grain breads to which you can add smoked salmon and capers.

The restaurant has the option to prepare juices and smoothies to taste, and breakfast can be enjoyed on weekdays from 7 a.m. to noon, while on weekends your schedule is an hour late.

Prices vary based on certain features:

  • For minors: 135 pesos per person.
  • For adults: 250 pesos per person.
  • Eggs to taste: 120 pesos
  • Juices and smoothies: 50 pesos to 90 pesos
  • Quesadillas (3 pieces): 110 pesos
  • Enfrijoladas: 140 pesos
  • Average check per person: 400 pesos

And if you want to have lunch…

They offer a menu with options without meat and with meat, in which you can taste beef burgers, fish and vegetables prepared with different techniques.

If you want tickets, prices range from 130 pesos to 190 pesos depending on what you want; While the main main dishes are:

  • Braised Cauliflower: 280 Pesos
  • Catch of the Day: 285 Pesos
  • Beef Condesa Beef Burger Sterling silver: 250 pesos.

And if you’re looking for a good dessert:

Suggested options by Hotel Condesa DF are:

  • Walnut Cake: 120 Pesos
  • Thousand leaves of praline: 95 pesos
  • Sweets range from 90 pesos to 130 pesos.

If you want to eat at ‘La Terraza’

At Hotel Condesa DF in La Terraza, Mexico and where Rammstein is staying.

This cozy space has a beautiful view that overlooks Parque Espaa and is led by Japanese chef Keisuke Harada who serves a variety of Japanese cuisine with a Mexican touch.

In its menu you can find traditional dishes of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, nigiri hey sashimiMade with toasts and dishes made with floating ingredients such as shrimp or octopus miso,

  • Ticket price 200 – 210 pesos. is from
  • Rolls vary according to ingredients and preparation, but are between 180-210 pesos.
  • Sashimi and nigiri range from 120 to 220 pesos, depending on the ingredient you want.

If you’re looking for a combo for more than one person, you can order a six-piece nigiri:

  • 370 pesos if it’s fish.
  • 140 pesos with vegetables.

Richard Kruspe’s Simplicity

Rammstein's Richard Kruspe stuns fans in CDMX video's Zocalo

Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe surprised people in the historic center by throwing a ‘pigeon’.

On the afternoon of this Monday, October 3, German guitarist Richard Kruspe surprised the audience and audience at CDMX’s historic center by improvising. near you, with guitar and handheld mini amp. The singer’s simplicity won over the Mexican public who applauded her and took a video of her to perpetuate the memory.

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