Rarely, King Carlos III is caught embracing the queen consort Camilla

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few hours ago British Royal House Representatives of royalty shared a photo and the gesture of the new caught attention King Charles III Well he’s hugging queen wife camillasomething that surprised the millions of people who followed him instagramBecause he called it unofficial.

It should be noted that this picture marked the beginning of the reign of King Charles IIIafter a period of cooked for the royal family Queen Isabel II, Many things are clear from this image, first that the king will not be as formal as his mother and power will be concentrated only in Four royals.

King Charles III, Queen Camilla and the Princesses of Wales, Kate and William.

In the above picture shared on the official Instagram account, Raja is seen comfortably with his hand in his pocket and his hand around his wife. posing with them William Y Kate MiddletonWho is also confident and relaxed with her new title within the royal family.

Realization experts have described the snapshot as a combination of the formal and the informal, remember that until a few years ago it was thought that William and Harry with their wives would be the future hope of the royal family, but this was not possible because The decision I made the youngest son Lady given.

On the other hand, in their speech King Charles III made it clear during his speech that his eldest son would be his right hand and daughter-in-law Kate Middleton would be given his new titles as Prince and Princess of Wales.

mourning is over

Things will begin to return to normal in the royal family, days before the time of mourning ended at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

These words were accompanied by a beautiful image of Elizabeth II when she was young. So far, that’s all the real account has shared on its social networks, but over the course of days we expect more news about what’s going on.

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