Raul Velasco: They are the alleged unrecognized daughters of the host of “Always on Sunday”

During his illustrious career on television, Ral Velasco was romantically related to several women and it was also said that he was about to divorce Dorley Clocco To be able to completely rein in some of their romances, however, following Driver’s death in 2006, various versions emerged, including It was made sure that the owner of “Always on Sundays” had some unrecognized daughters so this time we’ll tell you Who are these women and how did these versions come about?

Up until a few years ago, the versions in which it was ensured that Raul Velasco Having children out of wedlock were only rumours, however, it was in 2019 when a woman was named Myrna Velasco, who assured her father was the owner of “Always on Sundays”In addition, he said that his mother was Maria Elena Velasco, who was better known as “The Indian Maria”.

Ral Velasco and “La India Maria” never spoke openly about their alleged romance. Photo: Special

At that time, a woman living in California, United States Assured that it was the product of a secret relationship between the owner of “Always on Sunday” and “La India Maria”.However, in order not to spoil their respective brilliant careers in show business, As soon as she was born, they decided to give her to a domestic servant.who was in charge of educating her, but once she learned of her origins, she sought to be recognized because she believed she was least deserving, moreover, told that she did not want fame. .

those days, Myrna Velasco reported that she tried to contact the accredited children of Raul Velasco so that they could do a DNA test.Although the heirs of the “Always on Sundays” owner were uninterested in meeting their alleged sister, months later, Myrna Velasco assured that the above test had already been done and confirmed that her father was the controversial presenter. However, he never produced credible evidence in support of his words.

Mirna Velasco assures that she is only looking for her origin to be recognized. Photo: IG:

It is worth mentioning that, Mirna Velasco also assured that she was not the only unrecognized daughter of Ral Velasco and “La India Maria”. Since he had assured that Bellanova singer Denis Guerrero was also in the same situation.However, the singer has never announced anything about it and these versions arose because of her incredible physical resemblance to Maria Elena Velasco, however, it is only a genetic coincidence as they do not share any kind of relationship. do not.

mirna velasco has said that, as he allegedly did to her, “La India Maria” gave birth to other children born in different relationships.However, there is no evidence that can corroborate these versions, which remain mere rumours.

Denis Guerrero never talked about these theories of his origin. Photo: IG:

For their part, Ral Velasco and “La India Maria”‘s respective children have been reluctant to contact Mirna Velasco because they do not know what his true purpose is, moreover, He has denied the alleged romance between the two figures on separate occasions.Although he confirmed that the two families became very close And that’s why these rumors arose.

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