Raul Velasco: This was the day the controversial driver was left covered in blood on stage

Ral Velasco was an extremely demanding and perfectionist person, so all his programs and projects turned out as he wanted, however, he could not always control everything that happened in his environment, so on some occasions he had to spend some money. Had to do tremors that put his life at riskTherefore on this occasion we will remember the occasion in which The title of “Always on Sunday” completely bled on stage After suffering a terrible accident.

The one who uncovered this anecdote of Raul Velasco was an entertainment journalist, Martha Figueroa, who was one of the closest associates of the presenter of “Cimpre en Domingo” during the 1980s. And according to his account, these events took place at the facilities of the City Theater where the controversial presenter was holding an event in which various Ranchera musical artists were competing, however, When the veil of the above venue was lowered, he received a forceful blow to the head causing a palpable injury.

Raul Velasco and Martha Figueroa worked together for just over three years. Photo: Special

“When I worked with Ral Velasco three thousand years ago, we were at the Teatro de la Ciudad, which is very beautiful, but it’s already old and it has drapes of thick fabric, you know, of the waves. with like velvet. So, they have a tube at the end so that all that telerio falls and falls evenly (…) When Mr. Velasco comes out with his little white suit and his card and they unveil the curtain they pull it so the pipe is unblocked and he hit him with a pipe”Martha Figueroa, who currently collaborates with the “Hoy” program.

At another point in her story, Martha Figueroa reported that, after being hit hard, Raul Velasco faints and is completely covered in blood So they thought that the owner of “Always on Sunday” had lost his life, however, everything was scared.

Raul Velasco had caused great concern because of that spectacular accident. Photo: Special

,We see him fall to the ground and blood starts pouring out of his head. You don’t know how to scream, because We said: ‘God has already picked it up’You don’t know what to fear. Because everyone is a slider in the city theater bathed in blood, I don’t know how he was saved, but I do know that what happened was that he was taking an anticoagulant because of what was in his heart and the fact that so he was bleeding more than usual, but You don’t know fear”“With permission” terminated the host of the program.

Martha Figueroa did not mention the exact date on which these events occurred, fortunately, That unfortunate accident did not progress beyond the glorious wound And the driver of “Always on Sunday” was able to continue his life normally, although, years later, Various complications of liver took his life in November 2006. When he was just a few months away from his 74th birthday.

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