RBD was in the lap of pigeons from ‘Salvum’ and ‘Rebelde’ at Maite Peroni’s wedding; that was the moment

Anahi, Cristian Chavez and Christopher Uckerman tied the knot with great friend (Photo: Instagram/@anahi/@angeliqueboyer)

In 2004, after a worldwide success and an absence of 11 years, from the virtual concert Be Opinion 2020 -which was done due to the COVID-19 pandemic- fans of RBD Due to its recent marriage, its members have had more than one meeting. Maite Perroni A perfect excuse to be able to see him together again, and even hear him sing his biggest classics.

Hero of Last Saturday, October 9 love wins Became the last ‘rebel’ to marry – leaving Christopher Uckerman The Only One Who Doesn’t Have Wedding Plans – With The Producer TV Aztec andres tovaroAfter a stormy start due to his former relationship with Claudia Martin, who had a happy ending with his close family and friends in a very intimate ceremony held in Valle de Bravo.

Although it had already been broadcast that all of their pop group mates were invited, in the hopes of knowing if they would participate as well as how they would interact with each other, before the social event and took care of all during, which moment is regarded as the “wedding of the year”. And it also marked the return of the band, as they didn’t hesitate to take a dove, hug each other and, with big smiles, reminisce about the classics. save me You Rebel,

In the video broadcast by the same invited artists, anahhi, christian chavezu, Christopher Uckerman and then-girlfriend, Maite Peroni, formed a hug circle, where, although he could be seen happy, singing at the top of his lungs the songs he made from soap operas. Rebel (2004) One of the most successful in history televisaBut also extremely nostalgic, as the Latin Grammy-nominated band recently completed 18 years since its inception,

The reactions among their millions of fans were immediate, as they have been seen together a few times since the band’s split was announced in 2009, giving more than one assurance that the younger generation now lives the lives of adults, just like them. A sign that time has passed but these songs are still valid in those and new generations.

“Now the three girls are happily married and although things are not looking very well in terms of children, it fills me with love that Maite is really on his way to falling in love and even getting married. Achieving the dream.” “this version Rebel You save me It’s more than special, it’s not about the work, about another concert on the long list and maybe, but something between the four brothers that will unite these tunes throughout their lives. ,Chris is almost crying whereas Someone almost sings into Mai and Ukar’s ear and is looking for a microphone to make her secondIt was prestigious.”

Angelique Boyer was another great light that participated, because in addition to working together in the right RebelHer partner and a leading figure in soap operas Sebastian Rully She is another good friend of the actress, as she acted in the melodrama dad to all mom, For this reason, the interpreter of Teresa -One of the most loved and hated villas as well as the hero on television- joined RBD to sing with him and remember his debut televisa 18 years ago.

Maite Peroni and Andres Tovar married in Valle de Bravo.  (Photo: Twitter @setimorebelde/Maite Perroni Instagram)
Maite Peroni and Andres Tovar married in Valle de Bravo. (Photo: Twitter @setimorebelde/Maite Perroni Instagram)

the older ones absent of the night they were sweet maria You alfonso herreraBecause although the reasons are currently unknown, the statement of paco alvarezHer husband had already indicated that the work schedule would make it possible for her to attend the wedding.

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