RBW shares brief response to ONEUS allegations against Ravana

RBW has issued a brief statement regarding ONEUS’ allegations against Ravana.

On 14 October, an unidentified man, claiming to be Ravana’s ex-girlfriend, posted a long and detailed account of their relationship on Twitter. The man for the post alleged that during their two-year relationship, Ravana had repeatedly cheated on her while paying for everything. She also claimed that when they met, he had drunk her to such an extent that she was not fully conscious about having sex the first time.

Furthermore, what the man claimed was an audio clip of Ravana using violent language while talking about another ex-girlfriend, who annoyed him saying that he “wanted to kill her with a knife. “

The next morning, RBW posted a brief announcement stating that they were in the process of verifying the veracity of the allegations.

The full details of the agency are as follows:

Hello, we are RBW.

First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the fans who care about the ONEUS group and let them know that we are currently in the process of carefully verifying the truth about the posts about member Ravana.

Furthermore, we promise to do our best to determine all facts accurately.


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