Reasons why Max and Emme rejected Jennifer Lopez after marrying Ben Affleck

After many years of relationship that never made it to the altar, finally Jennifer Lopez You Ben Affleck with married In a great ceremony that lasted for 3 days. Since then the family has tried to have their children live together in this new routine Familiar, however, JLo’s children, max y emme they refuse to be together with him breast There are some reasons she revealed in an interview after her marriage with the actor.

The Puerto Rican-born singer explained that reasons for which their sons reject were freed at the same time they formed a blended family get married Thief ben affeck, and it is currently Max You emme They are two teenagers who want to spend time with their friends. Even then, Jennifer Lopez All he wants is a good integration within the family that he is building with the actor and his children under one roof at his mansion in Los Angeles.

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