Rebecca Jones is hospitalized in an emergency, they report her in critical condition

Rebecca Jones / Mexico Agency

Actress Rebecca Jones was hospitalized in an emergency, as reported by journalist Joanna Vega-Bistro, in addition to making sure the artist remained in intensive care.

During the special link of the program the sun risesVega-Biestro revealed that the 65-year-old interpreter needed help at the ABC Observatory Hospital in Mexico City.

The journalist said, “An urgent request is made to blood donors for actress Rebecca Jones. Her accounts have not yet been served notice, however, we know from her office that she is very fragile.”

In the same way, the Communicator reported that the show program will continue to report on the state of health of the former partner of Alejandro Camacho.

“In the social networks of Sel El Sol, we will inform where everyone who can help can go because we know that actress Rebecca Jones has a critical health condition,” she added.

In the end, Joanna said that the artist’s son confirmed the news. The journalist said, “Her son has already confirmed that he is hospitalized and those who can donate to the Cell El Sol network have all the information. We know that the actress is in critical condition.”

Weeks earlier, actor Alejandro Camacho commented to the media that Famous was having a relapse, although he insisted that he was working and was coping with the condition he was diagnosed with since 2017, when he was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. was detected.

“Right now she’s totally fine, she’s working right now, she’s healthy, she really has cancer; however, she’s such a strong woman and has so much strength that she’s perfect,” she said on that occasion.

However, the famous actress denied her ex when various journalists questioned her about her relapse against cancer, assuring that she was in perfect health.

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