Rebecca Jones: Will Maximiliano, her only son with Alejandro Camacho, travel to see his mother?

Maximiliano Camacho-Jones 25 years old, is the product of the romantic couple seen by many as an example, Rebecca Jones and his exalejandro camacho, However, it is believed that the young man would have known about his mother who was the victim. lung infection,

This will prompt the actress to seek emergency care Private Hospitals in Mexico City And it has already been treated by doctors, but at the moment they need multiple donors to be able to stabilize it.

Rebecca was hospitalized in an emergency. Photo: Exclusive

This Wednesday, Rebecca Jones’s health declined sharply, where even this afternoon she reported that she had been hospitalized. Hospital ABC Observatory Complexand d. seek out“A-” or “O-” type blood donorsOf which, despite being a well-known artist in the medium, little is known about his personal life.

The histrionic woman was married to fellow actor Alejandro Camacho for 26 years until ending their relationship in 2011. The couple had a son named Maximiliano Camacho-Jones And this is the only one with the 68-year-old artist.

Photo: IG @la_rebeccajones

Who is Maximilian?

The only son of a 65-year-old theater actress, he studied music at one of the most recognized schools new yo cityRK, USA, then passion for rock, After passing through this conservatory, he completely immersed himself in music production where he currently practices this profession.

Rebecca keeps in touch with her son Photo: IG @la_rebeccajones

Sometime back the 33-year-old’s parents had revealed that before her arrival Maximilian, she was pregnant with a daughter which unfortunately could not be achieved; However, this united the couple for more than 25 years.

especially MaxAs her parents call her, she is not one of the people who usually publish her Life Personal On social networks like her famous parents, who only use this medium only to promote their musical projects.

Will you be traveling from America to Mexico?

Hopefully in the next few hours Maximilian Camacho travel to Mexico From the United States to learn the health status of his famous mother, who is still under observation after being hospitalized for a strong infection, while recording the telenovela “Cabo” catching this infection in the lungs and pneumonia. Whoever needed it now could get all the help it needed.

Photo: IG @maxjonesjonesmax

It must be remembered that Max is now a free man, but despite this, he remains in touch with his parents, where they have shared the table on several occasions. The young man is a music producer and DJ, who occasionally shares his projects.

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