Recording of BTS’s Jimin and Taehyung fighting in the middle (VIDEO)

It’s no secret to connoisseurs of bts That’s Jimin and Taehyung’s friendship with one of the funniest friendships within the band, and that friendship ran BTS! They rekindled their friendship during the last episode of , when the boys were doing Flying Yoga. And that is that from the very beginning the fans were laughing at the reaction of the boys.

In the opening scene, he was preparing to try flying yoga, but first he had to do a special warm-up, so that the muscles would not get hurt. So J-Hope He told everyone to go back to their starting position to start. While almost everyone noticed, Jimin and V suddenly started fighting.

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Apparently he had a misunderstanding about his assigned positions, while Jimin was standing right behind the teacher, Taehyung decided he wanted that position too and said “i want to be behind«, Taehyung said he didn’t want to move on because he wasn’t that flexible JiminBut the interpreter of “Serendipity” said that he wanted to be in the back so as not to feel the pressure.

So they were arguing about the place for few seconds and then decided to solve it by using rock, paper, scissors. Jimin is lost Taehyung He won this position with great pride. Although they were fighting for a few minutes, then they came back to talk and laugh and even joke together. You can watch the full episode below:

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