Redmi Pad: Sleek design and next-gen software, but its processor has a scratch

For a month I have had the pleasure of testing the Redmi Pad tablet, a lightweight device with enough autonomy to enjoy your favorite series or movies, although with quite reasonable performance. But before going into details, I would like to start with its key technical features.


  • DimensionsDimensions: Height (250.38 mm), Width (157.98 mm) and Thickness (7.05 mm).
  • Weight: 445 grams.
  • screenDisplay: 10.61-inch size with 1200 x 2000 resolution, 90 Hz refresh rate, and 400 nits brightness.
  • processor: MediaTek Helio G99, up to 2.2 GHz and 6 nm process.
  • camera: Rear (8 MP) and Front (8 MP). 105° field of view with focusframe.
  • speaker: 4 speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos.
  • RAM and Storage: 3GB+64GB // 4GB+128GB // 6GB+128GB. LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.2 storage.
  • Battery and Charging: 8000 mAh and 18W fast charge.
  • connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3, WiFi 5 to 2,4/5 GHz, and USB-C.
  • Operating System: MIUI Para Pad.
  • pressio: Available from 259.99 Euro.

Elegant design and perfect screen

redmi pad one elegant design thank you for your body unibody Metal, flat frame and symmetrical bezels. The device is seven millimeters thick, weighs only 455 grams (perfect for carrying from place to place and holding with one hand), has magnesium and aluminum, It has matte finish (fingerprints don’t stick on the back), it has a lot of buttons on the sides (micro sd card, volume and power), the bezels on the front are perfect as they don’t take up a large part of the screen, and it’s Available in three colors (Graphite Grey, Mint Green and Lunar Silver).

On the other hand, the tablet equips 10.61 Inch LCD Screen2K resolution (2,000 x 1,200 pixels), a 90Hz refresh rate and a 400 nits peak brightness, Despite the fact that it offers a large size to see the interface correctly, it is true that the viewing angles could be improved, since a certain loss of visibility is appreciated when the light is directed vertically. or projected directly.

so you can upload Screen brightness too high, and it can also hurt your eyes if you use electronic product indoors. If I continue talking about brightness, I must admit that I have used auto-brightness most of the time for pure comfort, thanks to its 90Hz refresh rate which provides a snappy experience.

With regard to touch, I would like to mention that it responds quickly, although as is usually the case with most devices, Screen retains fingerprints to a great extentBut with a good cleaning the dirt disappears.

Back and front of the Redmi PAd.
Back and front of the Redmi PAd.

Light and with a high quality design.

cutting edge software

comes with tablet Android 12 and MIUI 13 for Pad favor the use of multiple applications at the same time, ie you can open any application As a floating window without any problems because its size can be adjusted individually (in this way, it will not block or hinder reading).

Enables MIUI for Pad Work in multitasking to open applications in parallel from previous menu apps open, besides, to go by a application For the second it will be necessary to slide your finger on the dock or to drag the upper tab of the split screen. I must admit that this is one of the features that attracted my attention the most, not only because of its effectiveness and speed, but also because Ease of doing multiple actions at the same time,

In terms of security for your device, Redmi Pad offers you possibility to set screen lock With Face Unlock with pattern, pin code, password or front camera.

cost of this

upgradeable display

redmi pad is Processor MediaTek Helio G99 to perform simple tasks, such as browsing the Internet, using social networks, watching streaming and play games online,

With respect to the previous mention, I would like to mention that Slowdown causes processor to suffer a bit in transition animations because SoC is limited, In my case, for a month I have played Hogwarts Mystery and Pokemon Unity and I have noticed that the games freeze or slow down on some occasions.

Furthermore, another noteworthy aspect is that Applications are a bit slow to openThat is, sometimes it takes time to respond immediately.

State-of-the-art software viewed from 'Settings'.
Specifications viewed from ‘Settings’.

The tablet has Dolby Atmos speakers to deliver good audio quality.

great autonomy

The tablet has a generous battery that has a capacity of 8.000 mAh and equipped with a 22.5W charger he believes 18W fast charging, The optimization of consumption is perfect because it lasts three days of autonomy if you hardly use it, but if it is at full capacity, you Irregardless of charger for one and a half days,

Being specific, the company promises up to 26 hours of uninterrupted reading, up to 21 hours of video playback and up to 12 hours of gaming (this data will depend on the usage given to the tablet).

I would like to mention that fast charging is one aspect to improve, as the device It reaches 100 percent battery in about two and a half hours. They say that good things take time to wait, if you have enough patience, you can bear that time to enjoy a longer autonomy.

Tablet, plug and USB-C cable.
Tablet, plug and USB-C cable.

20bit tests the Xiaomi Pad 5

Sound is excellent, but camera could be improved

Do you want to listen to your favorite songs or watch movies in bed without headphones? no problem great The sound quality offered by the Redmi Pad is a ten Thanks to its four external speakers that guarantee a perfect playback of multimedia content thanks to its 95dB.

this is a Graphic Equalizer and Dolby Atmos with presets that allow you to customize playback, as well as Provides analog audio output via USB-C port for the included wired headset adapter, but you can also listen to music via bluetooth connection,

Talking about the level of photography, Redmi Pad has a 8 megapixel rear lens and 8 megapixel front lens With enough clarity to make video calls or take photos when there’s enough light. makes low resolution details are not well appreciated of an image when it is done zoomwhat’s more, It lacks a portrait mode (it offers a night mode to compensate).

left (speakers and USB-c port) and right (rear camera).
left (speakers and USB-c port) and right (rear camera).


can buy tablet for 329 Euros in this episodeAlthough if you hurry, you can take advantage of 33% off!

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