Reduce expenses at home: an efficient appliance can save you over 500 euros over its useful life

Spanish users take extreme care with the energy consumption of their appliances to avoid surprises on the electricity bill, especially due to the current situation marked by high electricity prices.

To ease the situation a bit, Haier Europe and Eureco collaborate together to calculate and classify the energy savings of devices during their life cycles, in this way, they compare consumption with a similar model that Value them is less efficient than intended.

Consumption is reflected in the energy classificationi.e. on a scale that indicates the degree of energy efficiency (ranging from ‘A’ with best classification For ‘G’, with worst).

In the event that users opt for intelligent and efficient products, they can save money €500. more than If we talk about washers and dryers And even. than even €1,000. more than If it is electrical equipment that is always connected to the electrical network.

Haier Europe aims to create a more sustainable world through energy efficiency and Energy savings of connected devicesIn addition, thanks to artificial intelligence and hOn application, consumption can be optimized and economic savings can be maximized.

on the other hand, said Application Access a range of services that improve and facilitate home management, meet daily needs, control and offer an ecosystem of connected devices more efficient options,

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