Refilling stadiums: the technology that will allow us to enjoy football from the front row again

The health crisis has affected almost all areas of our lives. Sports too. Although games resumed after a few months, fans agree on one thing: The football stand doesn’t last without fans cheering on each team., Fortunately, once again technology May be the key to helping us with this problem.

Earlier this month one of our country’s great stadiums reopened its doors for the first time to host a pilot test of the match with spectators., La Romareda de Zaragoza trembled again with the songs of the fans, who, although separated by a meter and a half to comply with safety protocols, knew how to give the match the warmth that cheered from the stands .

This type of match modality with the public is still not allowed in first and second division teams and therefore Not much has been done in our country yet in stadiums the size of Zaragoza, In an experimental test, in the third division match between Deportivo Aragon and UD Barbastro, La Romareda welcomed half a thousand members of Zaragoza and tickets sold out almost from the moment they went on sale.

What kind of technology makes matches with spectators in a big stadium possible amid a pandemic?

The platform is updated in real time and contains information such as route, type of load or weight.

First, Ticket purchase process is 100% online And this can be done from the private area of ​​the subscribed members only. This sales system has Spanish software: Hiberus Technology Consulting has been in charge of its development and management.

“Undoubtedly, technology is here to stay. The health crisis has only accelerated a process of digital transformation that had been in the works for some time,” says Eduardo Arbues, head of Hobby 360, a digital organization for Hiberas sports clubs. dedicated to the services.

“At Hiberus we have been working on these processes for years, which have allowed us to There is a complete online platform for the customersTo be able to offer them to buy tickets in a controlled and nominal manner, while respecting security measures and, above all, avoiding crowds of fans at ticket offices and offices”, he added.

The app has given its users up to 50% cashback on their purchases.

in the second place, When fans reach the ground all they have to do is show their tickets in wallet format from their mobile phonesAs the ticketing system created allows them to be included in this support, thus once again avoiding contact.

To follow safety measures, Tickets are nominal and each customer can buy only one of them, The safety measures (safety distance, mandatory masks, hydro-alcoholic gel…) imposed by the health authorities inside the stadium were respected at all times.

miss the heat of the fans

A year is too long without the public chanting, not only for the fans themselves, but also for the rest of the people who attend in some form or another the celebration of each match: “We want the public to return to La Romareda as soon as possible and always implement the health measures imposed by the authorities.”, explains Enrique Novella, Head of Ticketing and Subscribers Royal Saragosa,

The Russian Museum of Malaga is one of the most digitized.

Novella highlights that Zaragoza is the ninth largest social group laliga, A hobby, moreover, “incredible and very passionate”, transfers the person in charge of ticketing and subscribers at Real Zaragoza: “The atmosphere created with the fans at La Romareda is something special, unique, which is why we miss them so much., I remember our last match at full potential at the end of February 2020, with a wonderful atmosphere with the fans blowing the team in the air.”

A certain nostalgia appears when the football field remembers pre-Covid times, and it is not for less. However, they are aware of the necessary measures: “The two mainstays we must implement in the current situation are Digitize processes to the maximum, while also implementing the paperless philosophy, All this without watching and listening fans, the lead actor who is adapting well to the situation but who should have all the information and support from the club”.

Single digital window makes it possible to eliminate long lines and waiting.

In recent years, the development of this club has been evident in terms of updating digital processes.: creation of online ticketing website, online travel booking, access to La Romareda via passbook for season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders, development of season ticket holder area, transfer of season ticket locations, sending discount coupons online, cards Online renewal of tickets, getting tickets in season covid, Everything to make their experience at the stadium easier for the fans.

“In this development, Real Zaragoza needs to maintain a close relationship with its technology provider. This is the case with Hiberus, which is aware of new developments in Software and hardware applied in this field And it offers us to apply them with agility and know-how, tailoring them to our unique specifications”, concludes Novella.

slowly and systematically, The king of the game will once again be in the stands of the stadiums, his fans, the soul of every match, And technology will be one of the keys to making this possible.

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