Regina Blandon and How ‘The P. Luche Family’ Is Still Profiting After 10 Years

Regina Blandón brings to life the character of Bibi in the comedy ‘La familia P. Luche’ (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

There are television programs that remain on the screen for a long time, even after the production has stopped, and what is seen is repetitive. The Mexican comedy show ‘La Familia P. Such is the case of Luche’, in which actress Regina Blandon was a key part and she recently acknowledged how the work still generates monetary dividends for her, although the series ceased production 10 years ago.

In his conversation with comedian Isabel Fernandez on YouTube, Blandón had the opportunity to talk about his time on this iconic Mexican television program, which can still be seen on open and cable channels.

For her role as Bibi – the “rare” daughter of Ludovico (Eugenio Derbez) and Federica (Consuelo Duval) Blandon gained great popularity among the audience and gained great professional experience that served her throughout her artistic career.

And that the good was not limited to the professional sphere. I worked in a very sweet, very cool place where I learned to cab … all those years with Derbez in La Familia P. Luche”, said the actress, demonstrating how the series reaches out to the personal. Went.

Blandon, now 32, didn’t want to miss the opportunity to throw some flowers to her father in fiction: Eugenio Derbez. “It’s a highlight and it’s always been professional, emotional, friends and love with everything,” the actress said.

It was inevitable that the conversation touched on the subject of the show’s legitimacy and how it was still possible to find it on the air. “Wow your role, because right now they keep showing it,” Fernandez said, to which Regina replied: “That’s what I was going to tell you, besides, they still show it.”

Fernandez wanted to return to a topic he had already talked about with Regina and which he considered a bit morbid. “Are you still winning from that show?” He asked. The actress had no problem in answering yes. The interviewer was very surprised, as he said “I asked you that in New York, but that was 10 years ago.” Blandon clarified: “Yes, there is something called ANDI (…) that keeps coming out. The truth is, it was worth it,” Blandon highlighted.

Finally, Isabel expresses: “What a pleasure! A salary forever, because apparently they’ll never stop spending it.” Regina appeals to good humor and reposts: “Like El Chavo del 8”. Apparently, the classics not only never go out of style, but they’re still very profitable.

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