Regina Tiscareno, the beautiful Mexican dancer who shared the stage with Juan Gabriel

regina ticcarano Always wanted to learn ballet. Although his family was unable to pay for classes, he had the opportunity to enter Televisa’s CEA, where he was able to attend. dance classes From 5 years. At that time he knew that this is the one he loves the most in the world.

But the 19-year-old didn’t stop there, because she’s also Actress, model and singer. He has also created novels, television series, musicals and classical theatre, in addition to being a part of The Voice Kids 2017from the group of dancers John Gabriel He was on a tour and even had his own radio show.

Tiscareño determined that one of his future goals was to appear on the big screen (Photo: Instagram/ @reginatiscareno)

“The last thing I’ve done is dubbing, and I love it a lot, because I’m able to unify things like acting and singing at the same time, in addition to immortalizing my voice. The characters I dub I do,” he said.

Talking about what inspires her, she remarked that the world Disney was their guide to enter world of entertainment. “Ever since I was little, I was very clear that I wanted to be a part of this big thing, the magic of its series, movies, songs etc. has always been my favorite thing,” she mentioned.

He declared that what he loves most about his career at the moment is being able to reach so many people, that he writes to him from many places and meets people along the way. “I enjoy being able to live what I love to do”, he pointed.

As for her short and long term projects, affected also said that she would love to do Play music again. “I had to drop it for a while because of the pandemic, but I miss the concerts and singing in front of the audience a lot,” he said. Similarly, he indicated that it would be a dream to step into the National Auditorium again, but now it will be a solo performance.

In return, Tiscareño determined that his future goals were appear on the big screen. “I would love to star in a TV series. netflix or disney, Many do concerts and many people know me for my art”, he said.

What she loves most about her career is being able to reach so many people (Photo: Instagram/ @reginatiscareno)

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