Regina Torne: The tragic story of her daughter jailed for murder that drove her to retirement

Las stories of many stars mexican cinema may be eligible to be stated in a film script, such as sad event that lived a beautiful actress regina tornewhose only daughter Prisoner by a charged with murdera situation that drastically changed her life and distanced her from her eldest daughter, moreover many people confirm that it was took him to retirement,

Rosa Vierben del Pilar Marina Inchoustegui Anaya, was born on October 2, 1945 in Villahermosa, Tabasco. known in artistic circles regina torne, Apart from being an actress, she is a singer and presenter. The daughter of a Spanish mother and a Mexican father, she grew up in the United States and did not return to our country until she was 18 years old. He began his career as a jazz and bossa nova singer in 1966 at the age of 21. After a while, and after standing out for her talent and beauty, she made her television and film debut.

The actress stood out for her beautiful twinkling eyes right from the beginning of her career. Photo: Exclusive

The sad story of Regina Torn’s daughter

Although she was a well-known actress who stayed away from scandals, her life was struck by tragedy in 2006 when her daughter regina Del Pilar Campos Inchoustegui, in collusion with three men, murdered a 26-year-old woman named Maribel Monroe Flores, the mother of a girl. On January 24 of the same year the arrest took place and he was sentenced to 35 years in prison in Santa Martha Aktitla.

daughter of check folder I came backaccompanied by three employees, kidnapped and murdered Maribel, as del Pilar was having an affair with the husband of the deceased today. Torne’s daughter He spent 15 years in prison for hiring another man to beat and burn Monroe to death at a location in Magdalena Contreras. During the abduction, the woman died of suffocation, and the kidnappers dumped her body in a ditch and set it on fire, something that was reported by eyewitnesses.

regina supported her daughter, although she publicly affirmed that she did not justify the facts and had to serve her sentence, and frequently visited her in prison, there was a certain distance between the two until 2014, when the actress announced retirement. What is currently known about the green-eyed actress is that she moved to live in Puebla, where she founded a performing arts academy for children and teenagers.

Regina Torne would walk away from her daughter. Photo: Exclusive

His path through Mexican cinema and TV

regina torne She had an illustrious career in media, filming alongside some of the biggest teen stars of the 60s such as Julissa and César Costa. She took a new dimension in the early 1990s when she transitioned into leading female roles, “earning an Ariel for her portrayal of Mama Elena”.like water for chocolate“, the film adaptation of Laura Esquivel’s novel directed by Alfonso Araujo, which was an international success.

Among her best-remembered works are her roles in films such as “You Only Come at Night” (1965), “El Rata” (1966), “La Señora Muerte” (1969), “The Children of Satan” (1972), There is partnership. “Wild Wind” (1974). In addition to films, she has also participated in several soap operas and has an appearance in the Roberto Gómez Bolaños series “Chespirito”, El Chavo del 8, where she was one of the four actresses who played Gloria.

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