Retail Media Spain: the event that will maximize cooperation between retailers and companies

programmatic is a means of spain edtech You martec Specialized in Advertising Technology and Marketing Technology, This unit is in charge of dissemination of all the concepts of the industry and helps companies to expand their business strategies, moreover, they want to launch a platform for those who work retail media With the aim of creating an integrated ecosystem.

Recently, Salvatore Cospito (editorial board and partner of Programmatic Spain) organized Event 0, a meter-oriented instrument. Promote Terms and Update the Ecosystem, Cospito confirms to 20Bits that “an order and spread that is capable of creating a guide for a good is needed, that is, to strengthen the industry itself.”

As a result, a working group has been developed with two projects,

  • Ecosystem: The objective is to elaborate and produce an infographic that specifically represents the retail media theme of the companies that contribute to the creation of this industry.
  • retail media guide: The mission is to create a document that is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how retail media works in the Spanish market.
Salvatore Cospito, Editorial Board and Programmatic Social Programs of Spain
salvatore cospito

The application submission period is open.

Event 0 has a second quote Inauguration of training and informational program to be held on 27th Septemberthe same room will be knowledge room You meeting rooms where industry stalwarts will participate to understand the concept of retail media,

this event is called ‘Retail Media Spain’ is intended for producersEspecially, for those who want to know how a project is developed.

Main sponsors They are Crito, IPG Mediabrands and LiveRamp; when the allies They are Agency, Kawaii, CitrusAid, Dia, Dunhamby, Hiberus, Infosome, Jump, LiveRamp, SmartMe and Zotap (these participants are likely to have high tables so attendees can make a close meeting roomsThus, answering the questions of the speakers during knowledge room,

In addition, the appointment is To bet De Carrefour Lynx, Fnac, Mediamath, Mindshare, StackAdapt and Worten.

Photographer: Jorge Paris Hernandez [[[PREVISIONES 20M]]]Subject: Pepe Cerezo

Programmatic Spain has a YouTube channel called ‘Programmatic TV’ where you can find the ‘Retail Media Series’ playlist, where interviews of the biggest exponents, sponsors and event partners of the discipline are published.

To listen to this multimedia content, there are three of four applications:

  • youtube: Link to listen to the interview.
  • Iivox: Link to listen to the interview.
  • IAmazon Music: Link to listen to the interview.
  • Spotify: Link to listen to the interview.

Users can buy tickets for this event from the following link, Although if you are interested in knowing the content of the presentations, the following video shows a preview of Retail Media Spain.

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