Ricardo Salinas’s birthday party in 7 pictures

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pligo Last Monday, 17 October, a dinner was organized to celebrate his 67th birthday, before which various guests were present to enjoy the moment. Here are the best photos from the event.

One of the highlights was when one of his guests gave him a stuffed animal. Dr. Simic Ricardo dressed as Salinas.

Comedian and Content Creator, chumel torresHe was present with his charismatic humour, which is characteristic of him, where he was singing along with some of the guests.

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The romantic side of the Mexican tycoon did not lag behind, as he could be seen in love with his wife, María Laura Medina.


The photos of all the guests could not be missing, in which you can see different athletes, comedians, youtubers, drivers and commentators.

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Key Cast aztec sports was part of the celebration, because it included Christian Martinolic, Luisa Garcia You ram,


sports driver andrea sola He jumped at the opportunity to display the furnishings that were distributed over the dinner.

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Finally, after an intense celebration full of music, games and fun, the guests were able to take their picture for the last time.


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