Ricky Martin and Fernando Colunga suffered for the same reason, but took different paths

Ricky Martin and Fernando Colunga

Ricky Martin Fernando Colunga has many things in common, fame and fortune being two of them, physical attractiveness and public affection too, but what do they have in common about their choices? This is a question that gets asked a lot.

But they know so little that the same thing happened to Fernando Colunga and Ricky Martin in their youth, so they decided to take a different path in their lives that changed them forever, as well as the people who thought about them. What have you thought.

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When Fernando Colunga began to succeed, newspaper reporters wanted more information about his personal life, whether they wanted information about his girlfriends or that he had instigated scandals to make news; So they went to him, at first he explained: “If you want to talk very happily about my work, but my personal life does not make me an actor” he would have refused to give such details. So some media decided to blackmail him and told him that if they didn’t give him exclusives he would find out that he had relationships with men, politicians and would devote himself to ruining his career, but This did not work out with him and he became more Hermetic.

With Ricky Martin he tried to do the same

Supposedly there were photos and videos where they only saw with another person, this was even when they did not reveal their true preferences; For which he would have collected $50,000 dollars in exchange for every video and evidence he had. This must have greatly upset Ricky, who knew that if he accepted, they would always keep him that way; So he decided to reveal his true priorities and put an end to extortion forever.

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