Risks related to FIFA 23 video games and cybercriminals scams

FIFA 23, presented by EA Sports It has become one of the most interesting video games for cybercriminals who have spread cyber scams by buying FUT coins on fake sites.

Currently, a huge amount of money moves into the video game market. According to statistics from Statista, the size of the world market approaches 200,000 million dollars (about 205,000 million euros) per year.

online gaming business

Due to the huge amount of money generated by this online gaming business, cybercriminals have committed crimes against multinational companies in this sector. To do this, they’ve used confidential information from brands to filter out advances for products that haven’t launched yet.

was one of the last known attacks Rockstar Games Company, when Raiders leaked more than 90 videos of the development version of the video game Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6). Years earlier, he had already faced another similar attack with the game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Crime and the virtual currency movement

PS4.  for fifa 23
PS4. for fifa 23

On the other hand, due to the virtual currency movements generated by video games, these cybercriminal groups have taken advantage of the opportunity to make transactions profitable in recently released titles.

EA Sports with FIFA 23, which would acquire the EA Sport FC nomenclature in later iterations, is a good example of this. In September, the month the product was launched, the company received an alert that they could be subject to cyberattacks and information theft from their new bets.

Cybercriminals have highly developed mechanisms to figure out how to infiltrate the networks of large corporations without much effort

In what sense, Hervé Lamberta, Global Consumer Operations Manager, Panda SecurityAdmits that cybercriminals “focus their efforts on attacking companies larger than individuals” and “they have highly developed mechanisms to learn how to infiltrate large corporations’ networks without much effort.”

precisely FIFA 23 presents a potential threat in one of its most demanding activities, Ultimate Team Mode Transfer Market, where purchases are made with FUT coins. “If you don’t properly verify the validity of the page you’re buying from, it’s easy to lose money buying FUT coins,” says Lambert.

Cybercriminals pretend that victims have subscribed to a service and give them a number to 'unsubscribe'.

Since cyber scammers are always looking for a way to take advantage of these money movements, it is recommended that players do these monetary transactions on the verified developer page.

It’s also a good idea to ignore coin offers at very low prices, Especially if these are received through social networks or third-party pages that require upfront payment. On the other hand, it is important to be suspicious of pages that request information and personal data from EA accounts, in addition to money.

Fraud through phishing

Panda Security also highlights phishing scams to hack other players’ accounts, Since cybercriminals also pretend to be EA Sports themselves to contact users via ’email’.

Avast claims that it has protected over 100,000 users from this malware.

Specifically, they offer FIFA Ultimate Team promotions and encourage potential victims to click on a fraudulent link that embeds the body of the message and redirects to a fake web page.

It looks very similar to the original, so some players enter their account credentials at the end, giving cybercriminals a free pass to steal them, access your profile settings, and learn your bank details, among other things. Huh.

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