RK-Bro’s end plans revealed

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle formed one of the most beloved teams by WWE fans. The contrast between the two superstars started giving results earning public affection from the very first moment. Orton and Riddle, better known as RK-Bro, were crowned Raw Tag Team Champions.

RK-Bro starts rivalry Usos, which would lead both teams to agree to a title unification match, where the winners would take all the gold in pairs from the main roster. The victory fell in favor of Samoa, while Orton was dropped from programming due to injury, which is why we never saw him on television again, Currently, the estimated date of his return is unknown, although multiple reports suggest that the fighter’s injury would be more serious than expected, which would have caused great concern in WWE.

In the meantime, It turns out that the previous management of the company had plans to disband RK-Bro.Which would have been launched after the return of “The Viper”. Louis Dangur, of let me play Published the following tweet about it with the information given by wrestling vote,

And this is it, as revealed by the Twitter account of wrestle vote, WWE’s original plan for the return of Randy Orton was to execute immediately turn heel Contra Matte Riddle, The media said that, due to concerns about the severity of Orton’s injury, it is unclear whether the plan is still on the table. On the other hand, it was also said that The current lack of plans for Riddle may be because WWE thought “The Viper” would return this time around.,

While Orton continues to recover from his injury, and in the absence of knowing more details about his condition, Matt Riddle remains a recurring piece in Raw programming. In recent weeks he a. are part of Story Near Alias and Alpha Academy, with Riddle Beating otis one in trick or street fight In the latest episode of WWE Red Mark.

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