Robert Downey Jr changes his look drastically and looks unrecognizable

what was done? It was this question that popped into the minds of fans of Robert Downey Jr. when several photos of the actor were released during a special presentation of the new Netflix documentary “Senior” about the artist’s late father.

And it is that Robert appeared with a drastic change in image. Her classic Tony Starr look was gone, complete with dark hair, which she had kept for over 11 years, and she sported a new fully shaved cut instead.

Not many know that this new style was the work of his 10-year-old children Exton and 8-year-old Aviri, who took advantage of the actor’s new project to get rid of their hair completely. Downey Jr. wrote with a video on his Instagram account, “The things we do for our work… and for our kids.” hair fall.

Here is the new picture of the actor Photo: AFP

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Of course, this new look has sparked a whole debate on the social network, where users have already divided their opinions, as some are convinced that whatever is not done makes them look bad, others. Believes that the years have already started getting attention and having a shaved head only shows that he is no longer a young man.

Robert Downey Jr. Back to Miracle?

Although in 2019’s last Avengers film, the actor said goodbye to the Iron Man character, via an emotional letter he shared on the network and in which he highlighted that beyond entertainment, he hopes his The character would have left great teachings like tolerance and fight against injustice among the audience.

However, several portals dedicated to the comics and the cinematographic universe behind them have indicated that the actor may return to the saga, as he will be in talks with the studio to participate in “Avengers: Secret Wars”, which will be released in 2025. However this has not been confirmed.

Right now, Robert is promoting his documentary and working on two more projects with HBO.

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