Roberto Palazuelos explodes against the wife of Andrés García, a friend of the actor comes to her rescue

The last few days have been extremely complicated for the actor Andrés García, and that is that not only did his wife, Margarita Portillo, admit that the actor was on the verge of death from a cocaine overdose, but also that there are problems in their family. Started happening

After being told about the delicate state of health of the protagonist of “Pedro Navajas”, his son, Leonardo García, decided to break the silence and through a statement published on his social networks expressed great concern for his father, Also accused Andres’ wife, Margarita Portillo, of not contacting him and not providing valuable information about his condition.

“Unfortunately, the person who sometimes takes care of her, Margarita Portillo, does not share with us the full information, nor is she receiving the care, and so when she is with her, she does not tell us about her. Doesn’t allow to meet,” the actor also wrote.

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This document at first did not go unnoticed by colleagues and friends of the actor, including Roberto Palazuelos, with whom García Sr. had previously had a strong conflict. The so-called “Black Diamond” did not remain silent and took the opportunity to rant against Portillo via the comments box.

He wrote, “That nargarita (sic) only cares about money.”

This was Palazuelos’ response. Photo: Instagram

On the other hand, there are those who have come to the defense of Garcia’s wife, for example, Yolanda Graza, a friend of the former movie star, who in a recent meeting with the press denied that Leonardo’s words are true:

“I am a witness that the children well, as if their father was not there … something that I saw that anyone would criticize, Leonardo said that he was going to see his father, Margarita was waiting for him two or three days and he never came. They are unable to bring him a glass of water, they prefer to go to shows, to parties, to Pachanga, and well, they There are,” he said.

Likewise, he clarified that the only one who knows about the actor is Margarita and was blunt in saying that there is no need to favor García solely because of interest in the woman: “All those people who speak They are not the people who are talking about their bed seeing what they are given, they are only watching who they are cleaning and it is very unfair to me to attribute Margarita to such a person. who takes advantage of it,” he said.

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