Rocio Sánchez Azuara dazzles with the perfect green dress for autumn

Rocio Sanchez Azura He is one of the favorite television hosts and has earned the public’s affection with his talent, empathy and tremendous beauty Who doesn’t hesitate to show off with elegant outfits in recent times shades of green who is perfect to fall and win it Flattery in social networks.

From San Luis PotosiSánchez Azura has remained in the public’s taste for more than 20 years, ever since he created the . has debuted in conversation display With “Life’s Things”, it became the biggest competition since. Laura Bozo With a similar program in which attendees faced each other and told their controversial stories.

Green dress by Du Sanchez Azura. Photo: IG @rocio_sazuara

“Approach Rossio” is her most recent project and features fans highlighting the beauty and feel that the presenter evokes on the small screen, something to which she adds her own unique style. look elegant Which also highlights their attractive figure and taste moda Due to which he manages to inspire his more than 700 thousand followers on Instagram.

this time it was a green dress Which caught the eye, because it’s a garment that perfectly outlines your figure thanks to its design girdle, One-side ruffles that run from the top to her knees provide more elegance, as is the case with an asymmetrical neckline. golden slippers

Rocio Sanchez Azuara. More movies or TV shows

Despite stiff competition from shows like “Laura in America” And “even in the best families”, Azuara did not give up and it was her program “Count on Me” that gained great popularity among the past and with which she made her mark on television, although it soon changed its name. Gave. “The Other Side of the Mirror”.

A difficult moment in the life of Rocio Sanchez Azuara. Photo: IG @rocio_sazuara

In 2004 he got a chance America And it was then that she debuted with a program that had her name, as she had already seen, although it did not last long due to lack of audience. Once in Mexico he fought for a new project and it was then that he resurfaced “Things of Life”,

Although success in Rocío Sánchez Azura’s career has been steady, tragedy marked his personal life and took him away from the spotlight for a while. The death of his daughter Danielawho lost the battle against in 2019 systemic lupus Which was discovered at the age of 12.

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