‘Rojo Don’ Mexican actor Hector Bonilla passes away at 83

This afternoon it was confirmed that Hector Bonilla, Mexican actor best known for his work in films such as ‘Red Dawn’, ‘Chronicle of a Breakfast’ and ‘A Not So Father Christmas’. He was 83 years old.

The death of one of the most influential actors in the film and television industry was confirmed this afternoon. hector bonillaMexican artist known for films such as red Dawn, breakfast chronicle why a not so nice christmas, He was 83 years old.

Through social networks and various sources, they confirmed the death of the actor from El Cambio and El Complenos del Perro. A message posted on Twitter by journalist Adela Mica, He claims it was due to his battle against cancer.

At present, his family has not been mentioned in this regard, so the cause of his death is yet to be known, however, For months it was being reported that Hector Bonilla had cancer in his right kidney.

More info soon…

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