‘Rooms are for rent’: Millionaire Paco Rueda may go to jail for fraud

Alejandro Camacho has made public that he is facing legal proceedings against “Se Renton Neighbors” and “La Casa de las Flores” young actor Paco Rueda for the offense of cheating.

After being pointed out by Rebecca Jones’ ex-husband, actor Alejandro Camacho, Committed the offense of cheating and allegedly ran away with a considerable amount of his money, the actor paco wheel Make your social media accounts private, Rueda is known for her participation in comedy series such as Room for Rent, The House of Flowers, and the film After Lucia, by Michel Franco.

according to the words of Alejandro met the young actor during the year 2019 in the recording of Camacho, as if it were before Once in the Dominican Republic, a film starring Vadhir Derbez. It was at this point that Paco Rueda persuaded the actor to give him a significant amount to make an investment that would have earned him millions.,

Vadhir Derbez, Paco Rueda and Claudio Roca on the set of ‘Twenty Years, Divorced and Fabulous’ (Source: YouTube)

Camacho says that business was going well between the two at first, as Rueda had given him an agreed interest, but he eventually disappeared and almost two years went by without him listening. after the facts, Camacho decided to take legal action against Paco Rueda and filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

Rueda had already been called before the relevant authorities and when he found out about the procedure against him, he tried to contact Camacho to reach an agreement and pay him what he had agreed to in advance. However apparently everything was in good intentions as Rueda disappeared again without warning and the Cappadocia actor never heard from him again. Camacho confirmed that he decided to make the matter public to deter others from Paco Rueda’s fraudulent actions.

Actor Alejandro Camacho who faces trial against Paco Rueda (Source: Caras Magazine)

If the offense of fraud for which he is charged is proved, Paco Rueda could spend up to twelve years in prison, Although Camacho has not been able to divulge much information about the case to the media due to legal reasons, the False Identity actor assured that he has all the necessary elements to do justice before the authorities and avoid further scandals.

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