Ruby Ibarra admits she is bisexual; His parents did not know. Video

Ruby Ibara, former contestant Academystunned his followers Talking about your sexual preferences for the first time. and that although This should not be a topic of conversation. Yes, it is important that the LGBT+ community has greater visibility. Viral quinceañera shared that she is bisexual and her parents were unaware of it, Did they just know?

went through A live link, where Ruby shared a bit about her personal life.

While getting ready, Famous spoke with her followers and answered a number of questions, including whether she liked women. In this sense, the famous mentioned that yes and he has had girlfriends too.,

“I’ve seen many people ask me whether I like women or not, and with that I’m going to tell them these things because I feel like I shouldn’t have talked about this topic yet, but well Kind of. Yes, I’ve had one or the other girlfriend, but they’re really like three, ”he commented.

He shared that he’s attracted to women, but he’s not much of a girlfriend:

“I’ve been attracted to girls. I don’t talk much about my love life or anything like that because I don’t have much girlfriends, I don’t care.”

He said that he had an affair with a best friend. However, things did not end well and he distanced himself:

“One of those who used to be one of my best friends, well, we’re not best friends anymore because as we went on and everything, well, the friendship fell apart.”

In the end, Ruby mentioned that her family didn’t know what her sexual preferences were, so maybe they’ll find out with Live. Although it is not an issue that matters to him.

“My family doesn’t know, only my sister but it’s also like I don’t care, I mean, the truth is I’m not too busy, you say too busy. Boyfriend… I have more boyfriends But I don’t mind, eventually some of them come, they come,” he shared.

Regarding his parents, he commented that he did not think the news would surprise him, as “they know-how-it-“.





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